How to lose weight? The Perfect Guide

How to Lose Weight? 

Nowadays, most people are overweight and obese due to sedentary lifestyle and always look for an answer to “HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT?”. If you are also one of them then you have come to the right place. Before we get ahead, first we need to clear one concept in our mind to progress in the journey of our “WEIGHT LOSS”.

Weight Loss=(1)Water Loss and (2)Fat Loss

Whenever people aim to reduce fat, they become desperate and get into false traps and marketing gimmicks which assure them fast weight loss results but you need to there is a huge difference between weight loss and fat loss.

When you are talking about fast weight loss that is always unhealthy and mainly done through extreme unhealthy methods and focuses on dehydrating the body to reduce the water weight in you as a result you weigh lighter on the weight machine. 

Unhealthy Weight Loss

  • When reduction of weight is done through extreme methods in which mainly water weight is reduced. 
  • The weighing machine shows great results but your body fat percentage is not altered in most cases. 
  • The results are short term, cannot be sustained and the body again goes back to same condition. 
  • People follow extreme methods like reducing meals massively, only having salads, leaving salt, extreme starvation, etc. 

Healthy Weight Loss

  • When the reduction of weight is done by controlling the quality and quantity of the food as well as the workout. 
  • Results are not that much significant on weighing machine because you are loosing fat but it is much more beneficial and healthy as your body fat percentage is reduced. 
  • The results are long term, sustainable and healthy. 
  • You just have to decrease the quantity of food a bit and increase the quality totally. 

Now, let’s see the key factors you need to control when aiming for fat loss. If you have read, the blog How to Gain Weight? The Perfect Guide then you will find the same points there as well but in a different manner because the basics stay the same everywhere


In order to lose weight, you have to be in a "CALORIE DEFICIT" which means you have to eat a bit less than what you generally eat on a day-to-day basis. You have to control both, the quality and quantity of the food you are intaking.


As mentioned above, weight loss means different things but our main focus should be "FAT LOSS" and for that workout on regular basis is as important as diet. What should be done cardio or weight training? You will find out soon in this blog ahead!


After your diet and workout, the most important thing that comes into play is how long and well you are allowing your body to rest and recover from the workout stress you are putting on it. This includes your sleep as well as other factors which you will find ahead in this blog.

Lose weight

(1) Diet(Calorie Deficit)

As discussed earlier, calorie deficit is eating a bit less than what you generally eat on regular basis. But you do not have to reduce the quantity of your food excessively. And by increasing quality means, reject junk food and ensure that your food consists all the macros/macronutrients which are protein, carbs/carbohydrates and healthy fats and micros/micronutrients as well like vitamins and minerals. 

How much calorie deficit to lose weight/fat is good? 

A deficit of 200-400 calories is absolutely perfect to start and to achieve results safely. At this amount of caloric reduction you will also not torture your body while ensuring that you are loosing fat and still energized to do your workout.

Which foods help you lose weight/fat?

There is no food on this entire planet which can make you fat or make you lose it. As you read earlier, if the amount of food you are eating or the calories you are intaking is less than the calories you spend in the entire day, then you will experience fat loss otherwise not.

So, any specific food has nothing to do with it. If you are able to burn it, then it is not a problem. But also it does not mean that you can eat junk food just because you are able to burn it, because then your health will suffer because the quality of the food is deteriorating. 

How to lose weight fast?

People often try to rush the process and always look for shortcuts to achieve the results fast. But you need to understand, the quicker you will try to lose weight the higher the chances that you will quit and even if you stayed with the plan, you will go through a lot of health issues as your fat loss rate is immensely high because of which your body will traumatized. So, go slow and enjoy your journey! 

How much time does it take to lose weight/fat?

The result’s duration vary as people vary, some may experience fater results and some slower. But on an average, 3-6 months duration is enough so that you can see significant changes and in a matter of year other people will also notice difference in you and in 3-5 years you will drastically transform. The more time you give, the better it is.

(2) Exercise(Consistent and Intense Workout)

The often committed mistake is people aiming for fat loss reduce their food intake massively, but do not increase their activity levels. Here, we aim to increase your activity levels through regular 30 minutes to 1 hour weight training which will not only reduce fat percentage but also help you to build muscle, strength and a great physique which will ameliorate your personality.

Do not just only stick to cardio, prioritize weight training because that not only burns more calories but also comparatively more beneficial for your health and fitness. 

Should you do cardio before or after weights/weight training to lose weight?

It is always suggested to do the cardio after the workout because if you will perform your cardio first, then the performance and productivity level of your workout will suffer. A regular moderate to high intensity cardio is optimal for maintaining heart health and lose weight faster.

(3) Recovery(Sleep cycles and duration)

After all the dedication, diligence and discipline if you are not providing your body enough time to rest then it will not recover as a result your results will hamper. Sleep for at least 6-7 hours at a stretch on regular basis, take at least 1 rest day in a week and you can read this article, How to reduce muscle soreness? for more options. 

Pro Tips

1. Focus on NEAT(Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) which simply means activity which you do other than exercise like using stairs instead of lift, going for a post-meal walk, etc. 

2. Be patient throughout the journey. Anything worthy takes time to happen and fat loss is one of them. 

3. Reduce the amount of fat intake like do not use excess oil in your food because fat sources are higher in calories compared to carbs and protein. But do not avoid healthy fat options altogether and completely.


By implementing a well balanced and controlled diet, consistent exercise routine and sleeping patterns, you will automatically reduce fat overtime while building muscle and strength and remaining healthy. 

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