Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Stretching

Benefits of stretching

Benefits of Stretching

Most gym going people just focus on their muscle mass and strength levels but overlook an essential element of fitness, i.e. flexibility. The benefits of stretching are really amazing and they can take your fitness level much higher.

So, here are the “TOP 5 AMAZING BENEFITS OF STRETCHING” which will motivate you more to incorporate a stretching protocol in your workout/training session. 7 Best Stretching Exercises for your Body

5 Amazing Benefits of Stretching

1. Increases Muscle Growth

Our muscles are covered with a thin-sheet-like layer of connective tissue that plays a supportive role and protects the muscles from any sort of trauma, which is called fascia tissue.

Due to their function of protecting the muscle, they also reduce the effect of intensity reaching the muscles to a certain degree because workout is also like a trauma to the body, this reduction in intensity limits the muscle growth.

Also fascia tissue being wrapped around the muscles toughly because of which it constricts the muscle growth because it is not providing enough space for the muscle to expand and grow. So, stretching on a regular basis damages the fascia tissue hence removing the barrier of growth which was imposed on the muscles by them.

2. Increases the Range of Motion

ROM(Range Of Motion) means the amount of mobility your body part or joints have or the limit up to which it can move freely.

Multiple researches all over the world have been conducted and have undoubtedly proven that any type of stretching whether ballistic stretching, PNF stretching, etc., increases the ROM (Range Of Motion) of the joints and muscles.

A study published in the IJSPT(International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy) proved it and moreover, it was reported that total knee replacement patients benefited from 2 weeks of either static stretching, dynamic stretching or PNF stretching and experienced an increased ROM of their knee.  

3. Ameliorates the Posture

As mentioned above, stretching increases the ROM which has an indirect impact on posture rectification because the joints have been trained to operate in their full ROM and in different planes of motion.

A research showed that the stretching intervention was very effective in correcting postural deviation.

4. Amplifies the Performance Level

A research published in IJSPT(International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy) suggested that static stretching is most beneficial for athletes requiring flexibility in their sports like gymnasts, dancers, etc., and dynamic stretching is most beneficial for athletes requiring running ability, jumping ability and strength in their sports.

Though the impact on performance also depends whether stretching is done pre-workout or post-workout. 

5. Enhances Body Awareness and Calmness

Stretching has a very soothing effect on the body though it is very painful to do. It establishes a sense of relaxation and calmness in the mind hence ensuring a well-coordinated and connected body. SAGE Publication proved in one of their studies that low-intensity acute stretching.


Incorporating stretching on a regular basis makes the access to a healthy and better life much easier. The above discussed benefits of stretching are more than enough to convince anyone to do it on a day-to-day basis. 7 Best Stretching Exercises for your Body

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