How to improve Lung Health?

Lung health

Lung health is often a neglected segment of fitness and if you have come to this blog, then you are one of those few people who understands not only the importance of fitness but also health. Yes, there is a difference between those two which most people are unable to discern.

What is meant by Lung Health?

Lung health is simply defined by the lung capacity i.e., how much volume of air can your lungs hold upon maximum effort. The TLC(Total Lung Capacity) of an individual is 6 litres of volume of air the lungs can hold. But if there is a decline in TLC due to various factors such as ageing(which is the main cause in most cases), sedentary lifestyle, environmental pollution, etc., these methods will assist you.

So without squandering much more time, let’s jump straight into the points:

1. Yoga and Breathing Exercises to improve Lung Health

10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Yoga Yoga is derived from the sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unify”, that is why yoga tremendously works on every part and aspect of your body. Some of the yogic exercises which can improve your lung capacity are:

      • Sukhasana(Easy Pose)
      • Pranayama(Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique)
      • Bhujangasana(Cobra Pose)
      • Upavistha Konasana(Seated Wide Angle Pose)
      • Uttanasana(Forward Bend Pose
      • Baddhakonasana(Butterfly Pose)

    I would recommend to go through all the above mentioned yoga poses individually and learn how to do it through youtube for better clarity and proper execution of these.

    2. Best Exercises to improve Lung Health

    Some of the aerobic exercises like skipping, running, swimming, etc., will increase your breathing rate immensely which will automatically force you to breathe in and out more. The reason I mentioned skipping first in the above mentioned examples of aerobic exercises is because its comparatively easier, can be done anywhere, need not much investment but a skipping rope, time and energy, without even compromising with the amazing benefits it serves.

    If you want to know more about skipping benefits, then you can read this blog benefits of skipping. But it’s solely your choice to choose among any of the aerobic exercises which suits you, all will serve the purpose.

    3 .Diaphragmatic Breathing

    All the above mentioned and other methods to improve your lung capacity revolves around a basic concept which is to breath in a correct way. Now, I know for a second you are baffled asking,”Is there any correct way to breathe?” or “How can a person even breathe wrongly?” Well, I would like to put it this way, there is no ‘so-called correct way of breathing’ but there is definitely an ‘optimal way of breathing’ which supplies a lot of oxygen to your lungs.

    How to breathe diaphragmatically?

    In simple terms, when you inhale your belly should expand/go outwards and contract/go inwards when you will exhale, this will render maximum oxygen to your lungs, just like how a new born baby breathes. You will always observe that the voice artists always use this breathing technique so that they can deliver long dialogues easily.

    How to keep your lungs healthy naturally? 

    You cannot solely restrict the pollution in the environment but you can do it inside yourself which means-you should get over the habits causing damage to your lungs and your overall health. Habits which include smoking, poor posture(sitting in a hunched back posture limits your lungs to expand and contract optimally), not exercising(working out results in better oxygen circulation throughout your body) and many others which you can control totally.


    Incorporating the few methods mentioned above in your day-to-day life will produce not only exceptional results but also they are comparatively easier to implement. Improving your lung health will give you the actual sense of true fitness and it will help you perform other physical activities in a much better way.


    I would like to make an important point here, if you are suffering from severe ailment which causes shortness of breath then these should not be taken as a remedy or solution to that, you should instantly and surely consult a doctor for medications. But it can surely assist the medications which will expedite the recovery process.

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