5 Health Benefits of Kiwifruit, Backed by Science

Benefits of kiwifruit

Benefits of Kiwifruit

The kiwifruit is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits and it is astounding for the health. Here are the “5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF KIWIFRUIT, BACKED BY SCIENCE” and this blog contains a lot more about kiwifruit than just its benefits. Excited to find out?

Brief About Kiwifruit

Benefits of kiwifruit

Kiwi or Kiwifruit, scientifically known as Actinidia deliciosa, benefits the digestive, immune and metabolic health enormously. The kiwifruit has 2 variants: (i) Green Kiwifruit (Hayward Kiwi) which is the main variety and it dominates the market and has a tangy, sweet and sour combination taste & (ii) Golden Kiwifruit which is sweet and tropical in taste.

The kiwifruit was introduced by Isabel Fraser, a school teacher who returned to New Zealand from a visit to China with kiwi seeds in 1904 and today New Zealand is the major producer of kiwifruit. Kiwi is named after the flightless bird which is endemic to and the often taken emblem of New Zealand. And the ‘Servicemen’ were also commonly known as “Kiwis” back then in New Zealand.

Kiwifruit is exceptionally high in vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, fiber, including a wide range of antioxidants and phytonutrients. In Italy, the high content of vitamin C gave kiwifruit the reputation of being the “Frutto Della Salute”– ‘The Health Fruit’

5 Health Benefits of Kiwifruit

Benefits of kiwifruit

1) Benefits of Kiwifruit for Skin

Kiwifruit is enormously high in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps the skin massively to become radiant, firm and healthy. 10 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Vitamin C

2) Improves Digestion

How to improve digestion

Kiwifruit benefits the gastrointestinal health because it is extremely high in fiber and has incredible water-retention capacity. Animals as well as human studies have reported that kiwifruit increases water retention and faecal bulking.

It may also contribute to favourable changes in the human colonic microbial community and their metabolites which are strongly linked with intestinal health.

A clinical trial indicated that daily consumption of 2 kiwifruit increased stool frequency, including the number of complete spontaneous bowel motions per week, reduced GT time (Gastrointestinal Transit) and improved measures of intestinal comfort. How To Improve Digestion? The Perfect Guide 101

3) Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Kiwifruit helps to regulate the cholesterol levels and improves the lipid profile. A study proved that intake of 2 kiwifruit per day for 8 weeks increased the HDL-C concentration and decreased the LDL-C/HDL-C ratio and TC/HDL-C ratio in 43 hyperlipidemic subjects (13 males & 30 females).

A RCT (Randomised Controlled Trial) revealed that consumption of 2 green kiwifruit per day for 4 weeks favourably affected the plasma lipids in 85 normotensive and pre-hypertensive hypercholesterolaemic men compared with a healthy diet alone.

Moreover, it showed increment in HDL-C (High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) and decrement in TC:HDL-C (Total Cholesterol:High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol) ratio and TGs (Triglycerides).

4) Controls Blood Pressure

Kiwi helps to keep the blood pressure in control. A controlled trial investigated the effects of (i) kiwifruit (ii) an antioxidant-rich diet compared with a control group on BP and platelet aggregation in male smokers (44-74 years age) for 8 weeks.

The Kiwifruit group consumed 3 kiwifruit per day and it depicted reductions of 10 mm Hg in systolic BP and 9 mm Hg in diastolic BP compared to the control group.

Moreover, a 15% reduction in platelet aggregation and 11% reduction in angiotensin-converting enzyme activity, which were not noticed in the control group.

A randomised controlled study which included moderately elevated BP men and women, aged 35-69 years, who consumed 3 kiwifruit over a period of 8 weeks.

It also showed deduction in systolic and diastolic 24-h BP compared with 1 apple a day.

5) Enhances Sleep

Kiwifruit has sleep-promoting properties and it helps to improve the sleep quality massively in normal adults and with sleep disturbances. A study investigated the effect of kiwifruit on 24 subjects (22 females & 2 males) aged 20-50 years who consumed 2 kiwifruit 1 hour before bedtime nightly for 4 weeks.

It resulted in significant reduction in the subjective CPSQI score (Chinese version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index), waking time after sleep onset and sleep onset latency. Moreover, it increased total sleep time and sleep efficiency.

Similar types of results were demonstrated by another study in which there was a 4-week intervention where elite athletes consumed 2 medium-sized green kiwifruit.

Moreover, it also showed improvements in sleep quality (PSQI, Global scores & Sleep Quality Component Scores) and Recovery stress balance (Reduced general stress and sports stress scales). Top 5 Incredible Benefits of Ashwagandha

How many kiwis should I eat a day?

Eating 1-3 kiwis regularly is sufficient to avail all the health benefits of kiwifruit and to get all the nutrients and phytochemicals present in it adequately and safely.


These “5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF KIWIFRUIT” which are backed by science, clearly proves that kiwi is one of the most nutritional fruits. It plays various roles in the human body and benefits it exceptionally well. 6 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Avocado

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