Top 3 Myths about Posture

Sit straight, keep the shoulders back, do not slouch the back and keep your neck in a neutral position. This is a “GOOD POSTURE”. Is this really the reality? Let’s find out the “TOP 3 MYTHS ABOUT POSTURE”, you will be extremely surprised to know them.

Myths about Posture

Myth-1:-Sit straight OR Keep the spine straight

Our whole life, we have heard an advice to always sit straight, and it is hailed as the so-called “GOOD POSTURE” but in reality there is no good one. As there is a saying, “Your next posture is always the best one”. Posture is just a position, so it does not matter in whichever position you sit, if it is held for too long on a regular basis, then that is also as harmful as any other position which will make your joints and muscles stiff. But it does not mean that you should slouch as much as possible, the point is just to keep changing your posture every now and then.


1.No posture is a good one if it is stagnant and is been held for too long for hours and hours.

2.Sitting in a straight position is beneficial and considered superior because your spine helps in flowing the energy of your body upwards making you more alert and aware but it has some downsides as well like it is more energy demanding to maintain it, etc., because of which it cannot be considered best.

3.Always change your posture while sitting every now and then like every 15 minutes, so you will not experience tightness in your joints and muscles.

Myth-2:-Using Posture Gadgets/Corrector improves it

The market is filled with numerous gadgets for improving posture but in reality, these gadgets have zero to negligible effect and have severe downsides like preventing the body from actively stabilizing the spine, may lead to joint pain, etc. As discussed above, a good position is the one which is not fixed but these gadgets mainly focus on keeping the body fixed in a certain position which is exactly the problem. Also the posture correctors and belts do not work the entire body, they solely focus on pulling the shoulders back, doing so will not prevent you from rounding the back. 

Myth-3:-Bad Posture=Muscle/Joint Pain

People often have a misconception that the joint or muscle pain they are suffering is mainly because of the poor posture. But in reality that depends on multiple factors like your stress levels, activity levels, lifestyle, etc. Improving how you sit and stand can indirectly impact the pain level but it does not have any direct or significant effect. But it does not mean at all that you should not work on your mobility and flexibility. 


So sitting with a straight spine is good and socially more acceptable in formal meetings but getting a habit to sit in a certain position for too long will make your body rigid. Always remember, “MOVEMENT IS MEDICINE” for the human body, it has been made and evolved to keep it going and moving.

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